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Hey there guys today I would like to look at another windows error that I encountered recently in the form of the exception breakpoint which is a really annoying error that would pop up in my case on My PC, I am using Windows 10 but it seems that this error can happen in any version of windows and would pop up each time I tried to shut down my PC, the error would pop up on-screen and can be quite annoying as there is very little clue as to what it actually means which I intend to change here today.

The Exception Breakpoint

The error reads: The exception Breakpoint A breakpoint has been reached. (0x80000003) in th application at location ….. click OK to terminate the program.

The Exception Breakpoint

What operating Systems does this Affect?

This can affect any Windows operating system such as Windows 10 in my case or Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or others.

What does this error actually mean?

The exception breakpoint 0x80000003 error is as a result of a corrupted operating system which in my case I think it may be as a result of updating to Windows 10 versus a clean install which can leave some old or corrupted registry entries which then can mess with the functioning of the operating system. Such as you may notice that your computer starts to lag and operate slower than normal and you may experience program crashes or strange behaviors due to the errors that are present in the registry.

How to fix the issue?

In my case I was able to fix the issue by:

1. Downloading a program called CCleaner.

the exception breakpoint

2. Once you install the program, launch it and go to the registry tab.

3. Next select: Scan for Issues and when finished select fix selected issues.

4. Repeat step 3 above until you have no more errors.

5. As an added step also select cleaner and give analyze and clean your PC a try as well.

The above should fix the errors in your corrupted registry in most cases and in a while the exception breakpoint error that was popping up should now be gone along with your computer running much smoother and error free. You can also keep the program above as it will keep your computer running smoothly and error free which is great for you.


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