Remove Ghost push and other Stubborn Viruses Android 8

The strangest thing about Trojans or viruses such as Ghost push and other stubborn Trojans is that you could be infected right now and not even know it in some cases. These viruses have infected a lot of devices and in most cases have become quite the nuisance to many Android users who discover they have these viruses but have no clue as how to actually go about removing them from their devices.

How did you get infected?

If you like to install your Android apps from third parties by downloading .apk files or getting them from friends you are potentially putting yourself at risk as some of these files are infected. These viruses once on your device root themselves in and they can’t be removed under normal circumstances by traditional virus removal tools. Even resting the device will fail as they simply replicate themselves.

They can also download other malware and even show ads on your device without your permission.

What Trojans or Viruses Will this method remove?

This method will remove any stubborn Trojan you may encounter in most cases such as Ghost push Trojan, Root Nik Trojan,Porn or sexy Virus and much more malware that get unto your device and download further malicious apps or even display ads on your home screen.

How to remove Ghost Push and other Stubborn Trojans?

Ghost push

1. The first step is to start by rooting your device, if you have already then you have saved yourself some precious time and you can move on to step 2 below.

2. Next you will need to install the App: Stubborn Trojan killer or kill ghost push which can remove Ghost push and other hard to remove viruses like it.See how its done in the video below:

3. Once installed proceed to launch the App and grant Super User permission if asked then go ahead and start scanning, if it detects one of the many nasty Trojans then check the box and select kill and it will remove the virus that causing the issue and your device will be clean again.

Who ever though removing a Trojan could be so easy but with the correct tool its very simple as you have seen here, well if this was helpful go ahead and share the article, also please leave a comment and do me the honor of checking out a few more articles.

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8 thoughts on “Remove Ghost push and other Stubborn Viruses Android

      • harsh

        I was using cm security and then one day my android get very slow cm security was showing that you have 3 ghost push Trojan in your android softwares (in tertiary tracker, location services and keychain). I researched and rooted my phone and install cm Trojan killer and it killed all virus but it was showing that their was only 1 virus. But I have also installed malware bytes and before this process it was showing that I have 3 viruses but now when cm Trojan killer is showing that my device is safe but malware bytes is showing that your phone has one more virus. I have scanned many times by cm Trojan killer but it is not showing any virus. So what I do now?

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          The question is: how is your device performing now? the last warning might be a false positive. I suggest if your device is working fine now to leave it alone and keep updating your AV the notification might just go away on its own.

  • Seyi

    Hello guys, my android phone was infiltrated by the Ghost Push malware and it has eaten deep into my system files. Rendering those malware unistallable.
    I have used several antivirus and anti-malware such as Stubborn Trojan Killer but to no avail. I have also done factory reset four times; problem still exist.
    Also, lunched in safe mode to delete, same thing.
    Please, is there anyone with a valid solution away from flashing my phone? Cos i don’t want to lose it. Thanks as i await your help please.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I know what you are going through all too well and I also know its more convenient for you to remove the virus without needing to flash the phone. Do not that flashing a clean firmware is the only way to 100% deal with this virus. You can bring it under control a bit but it involves using the Stubborn Trojan killer and scanning repeatedly. You should also be connected to the internet while you scan or it wont be effective. Works better too if the infection is limited. In severe cases the virus can be so bad that device is super slow and apps crash constantly.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Yes I know its annoying to do but I have tried removing the virus without flashing took me almost a day out of lost time only to barely have it under control and then had to Flash the phone anyway due to how severe the issue was as with yours. So just saving you the trouble of discovering the same.