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There is a video that’s circulating that causes any iPhone to freeze and crash. This will trigger when users click the link or watch the video that Crashes Any iPhone. This will also affect iPads and iPods. This is a glitch and is similar to the SMS text bug that we reported on recently.

Description of the Issue

As soon as the iPhone or other apple device receives the message the device will eventually slow down totally and freeze and none of the buttons will work. When the message is sent to you the device will be fine for a short while after playing the video then it will start to lag and then freeze.The annoying thing is that anyone can send you this video or a link to it and trigger the effects as described above. The only way to fix your phone is to hard reset the device.This will affect you if you are running IOS 8 or 9 and may even affect other version of IOS. The issue has not yet been patched.

Video that Crashes Any iPhone

On some older device as well after the freeze you will see a loading or spinning spiral circle at the center of the device and your phone will show that loading indefinitely without stooping.

What is causing this glitch or Bug?

The video that’s triggering this issue is very short video and it seems it triggers a glitch in IOS that is handled badly and causes your device to freeze up as described above. It will take about 30 seconds from the time the video is played for the device to fully freeze.It may happen faster on older devices.

The good thing though is that the effects of this glitch are not permanent and it does not cause any damage to your device except it can mess with productivity if you were in the middle of something and someone sent you this as a prank.The video is 3 seconds long and with sound and you see the text ready and some guys standing in front of what seems to be a TV or something in a black pants and shirt.

How to fix

The only way to fix the issue is as I said is to Hard reset the iPhone, please note this will only force restart your device:

1.This is for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus hold volume down and power.

2.On other device hold home and power for 10 seconds and let go after you see the Apple logo.

That should do it. If this helped please share your story below and how you encountered this video. I did not put a link to the actual video as I don’t want anyone misusing it as we don’t know if it has any other effect not yet seen. It seems to be harmless right now and lets hope things stay that way. Also do share this article.

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