Use XBox Controller on Galaxy S8 to Play Games (or other controller) 1

So if you did not know the OTG connector that came inside the Galaxy S8 box can be used for various functions other than transferring data from your old phone. You can actually Use XBox Controller on Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus to Play Games. It should also work on other controllers too. This opens up a whole other dimension to the possibilities when using your Galaxy S8 for Gaming which is fantastic.

What if My controller is not USB?

Simple if your Controller is not a USB based device I suggest that you get a dongle that can convert your controller over from whatever connection it is to USB. If your controller is already USB you are half way there.I can only confirm though that the XBox controller works flawlessly.

What you will need?

Use XBox Controller on Galaxy S8

1.The Galaxy S8,S8 Plus or similar device.

2.TheOTG Connector that came with your phone.

3. XBox controller with USB connection or Use a converter dongle to USB.

Use XBox Controller on Galaxy S8

OTG Connector for the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

What If you already have a Xbox controller?

If you already have a Xbox controller then all you need is to buy a compatible converterto turn your controller to USB which will save you some money. The same principle applies to other controllers if they are not USB.

How to use XBox Controller on Galaxy S8 to Play Games ?

You can watch the video above to see exactly how it done or read below:

1.Get your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus and find the OTG cable that came with your phone in the box (USB type c to USB connector) and connect it to the phone.

2. Now get your XBox controller with USB end and plug it into the USB end of the OTG cable.

3.The phone should detect that a USB device is connected in the notification bar. Tap on the message in the notification area to bring up the options and choose: Connect a MIDI device under use device to.

4.Launch a Game that has controller support and you can start playing with your controller. One such Game is Implosion.

5.That’s it now enjoy your Game with your controller.

Use XBox Controller on Galaxy S8

XBox controller with USB converter

Controllers that work:

You will need to buy a Xbox Controller that’s compatible with PC, don’t worry all this means is that it has a USB converter on it. This one will work as I have the same one:

This one should also work if you want a newer controller:

You can also use these controllers on your PC or on your Xbox so it should be worth the investment.

Do all Games work with a controller?

No not all games will work with a controller you will have to find Games that have controller support. Otherwise you can see that the controller is working as it allows you to move through the phones navigation.

Final Thoughts:

I personally love using My XBOX controller on My Galaxy S8 as it’s really fun as on consoles. It takes very little to get started once you have the right gear on hand. If you found this tutorial useful please share the article and do leave a comment below please.



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