YouTube Videos Recorded with Smartphone have audio only Coming from Left headphone and Low Volume

So I had this issue for a while and could not figure it out why my YouTube Videos Recorded with Smartphone had audio only Coming from Left headphone and had low volume.The issue is now fixed but I thought while I recorded that fix here. Why not do a more detailed article for those that may have a similar issue and need to fix the problem and show them how to track down and fix the issue for themselves.

I will show you exactly what I did to fix my issue and then also provide additional solutions that may also work in your case to fix the problem for you.Also note this can happen with any smartphone that exist that you are using old or new.

How to fix Recorded Videos with your phone for YouTube with Audio Issues after upload?

If you are having audio issues with your videos and in the past you did not,try the following:

1.Try this fix that work for me by clicking here.

2.Review your videos with the Audio issue and ask yourself what has changed since the problem first started? Most time it’s a new phone that’s causing the issues or something has changed with the phone you are using or recording equipment.

YouTube Videos Recorded with Smartphone have audio only Coming from Left headphone

3.Use a external Mic for your phone to record audio something might be wrong with your phone mic:

4.Its unlikely but something on your device may be messing with the functionality of your phone. Consider doing a reset of the device to rule out software based issues.

5.It could be your editing software. Try another editing software if the issues goes away its most likely that software, if the problem happens the same in the new software it’s the hardware or phone you used to record. If you suspect it’s the software based on the above test then go into settings of the editor and find audio properties or Audio settings. From here adjust the audio related settings and see if that fixed the issues such as adjusting audio settings between mono or stereo-try both.

Also try separating and exporting the audio and then try re-importing it fresh to see if it’s a bug with the software that might work for you.

6.If none of the above work for you consider that you may have a faulty Mic in your phone and have it repaired if its worth the repair.

In case you missed it here is What I did to fix my problem regarding audio issues of Videos I recorded on YouTube with my phone.

Why try the procedures above?

The idea behind this article is to track down the issue so that you may fix the issue as I did. The issue must be either software or hardware related, meaning something is ether messing with the software on the phone or something is wrong with the hardware or interfering with the hardware. If you think with that mindset then you should be able to track down and fix the source of the issue by following the steps above.

Final thoughts

I do hope you fix your YouTube Videos Recorded with Smartphone have audio only Coming from Left headphone with low volume issue. If you would like to share your story or ask a question please use the comments below and do remember to share this article with a friend or two.




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