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With the latest monthly updates Samsung is adding more and more features to the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and Note 8 on the regular and these are feature users have been waiting on for a long time now. One such feature that has been quietly been added that you may not have noticed that you will need to enable is: Quick-Open Notification Panel. This feature is great and once you know about it I am sure you will enable it as well.

What is Quick-Open Notification Panel?

Quick-Open Notification Panel allows you to Swipe down to open the notification panel from the Home screen.This is a really great feature as it allows you another way to access the notification panel  by swipe down from any empty space on the Home screen. In the past you would have needed to swipe from the exact top of the screen to open the panel and with most Tempered Glass screen protectors there was reduce sensitivity which affected this ability or gesture.  With this alternative way to access the notification panel the problem is fixed and there is no need to get an App such as :Pull down status bar by Kii Dev which I used in the past to over come this issue.

How to enable Quick-Open Notification Panel?

Quick-Open Notification Panel

1.Make sure your Galaxy S8 and Apps are all up to date.

2.Go to settings, display and select home screen.

3. Look for: Quick-Open Notification Panel toggle the option on. From here go to the Home screen and swipe down from an empty space and you will notice the Notifications panel will open. You no longer have to swipe from the top or depend on an app to open the Notification panel.

Alternative method:

Here are some alternative ways to get to the Home screen Setting.

1.A faster way to get to the setting is to pinch inward from the home screen.

2.Select Home screen settings.


1.Go to the Apps Tray by swiping up from the home screen.

2.Three dots in the upper right.

3.Select settings and you are at the Home screen Settings.

Still Not seeing the option?

If you are still not seeing the  option,you should update SAMSUNG TouchWiz Home then it will be added in your Setting-Display-Home Screen or as shown above.

Final Thoughts

I love this new feature and think it should have been implemented a long time ago seeing how important it is to have more than one way to access the Notification panel. It’s also cool that you can now swipe down for Notifications panel and swipe up for the Apps draw easily, it’s so instinctive.

Please take the time to leave  a comment below and do share this article online with a friend to teach them about this new feature they might have missed. It’s so cool that everyone should know about it and be using it.

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One thought on “Quick-Open Notification Panel Galaxy S8 New Feature

  • Les

    “…as it allows you another way…”
    Precisely what I hate about smart phones: 3 different ways of doing the same thing.
    Soon we will have university courses dealing with operation of “smart” phones.
    YMMV as usual.
    But in my experience the bloody programmers implement things simply because they can be implemented (and possibly to keep them employed).
    Which results in overblown menu systems, non-intuitive operation and lots of frustration.
    There is such a thing as ergonomics and simplicity. Both long forgotten by people who push new “features” into a product which could be great – but really isn’t.