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Instagram is really popular and with the increased usage of the App comes issues that affect users where they have no idea why various issues are happening to their account. One such problem with Instagram is the issue where you can’t comment or like people’s posts. Now you must realize that comment and liking is two of the most used features on Instagram and if you can’t do either it breaks the experience and ruins the fun of the app.

In today’s article I will be showing you how to Get Unblocked from commenting and liking people’s posts on Instagram. The tips here are simply a means of troubleshooting the App so it will function as it should and also help you in understanding what you may be doing wrong if anything.

The Problem:

As indicated above your Instagram account may be blocked from liking,commenting and in more severe cases you can’t follow anyone on Instagram.If this sound like you then read the solution below, this article applies to Android and iPhone users.

Why is this happening to my Instagram account?

Get Unblocked from commenting and liking people's posts on Instagram

It seems that in attempting to combat spam and deceptive practices on Instagram there are safe guards in place to detect and get rid of Spam accounts that exist solely for messing with the way the App works. So if you go and follow say two thousand (2000) people in a day or like a inhuman number of posts the system may flag you as being some automated  system.

You may be an overactive user or just you followed some crazy scheme where you were doing follow for follow, like for like, or comment for comment. You should not do that but many people do. So any of the above may get you account flagged and you have been blocked temporarily.You may even see the warning: You’re Temporarily Blocked.

N.B. If you are a very active person that likes to interact you may be caught up in the filter as well and it’s just an honest mistake and you did not necessarily do anything wrong.

Video Demonstration:

Watch the video below or read the directions to easily fix the issue.

How to Fix the Problem?

Try the following in order to fix the issue but do remember that there is no universal fix and you might have done something shady to get you into this mess:

1.Go to profile,Click on the three dots upper right, under account look for : Posts you’ve liked and select and unlike any posts that you have mass liked especially from the same one account. Your likes should be natural and not spam like. If you get any warnings click OK, what you are doing is undoing the damage you have done by cleaning up your account. After you have done enough go ahead and try commenting naturally or liking. The like and comment functionality should return when you have done enough and you can test it out.

2.Similarly as #1 above you can try unfollowing the bunch of mass accounts that you followed. As you might of guessed the idea is to cleanup your account and return it to normal as it was before you did whatever you did that triggered the ban hammer.

3.This may work also go to your profile and change the description and any links you may have there by updating the information. You can even try changing your profile name or modify it under settings-account. In some cases this will prove you are not a bot and it might get your features reactivated.Also in some cases you may have to wait out the ban.

4.It goes without saying that if you have been doing spammy actions you should stop and use the App naturally you are a human and not a robot. An engaged follower that you gain naturally will be worth way more than a big number of people who follow you just because you followed them first and so on.Successful accounts engage their followers and even if someone follows you because you have a high follow count they will soon leave if they are not engaged.

My Thoughts on This issue:

As mentioned above if you continue to use Instagram in a robotic like way be prepared to get banned either in a temporary way or fully. I do hope this article fixed your issue and shed light on what you may have been doing wrong that caused your account to run into trouble and you being blocked from commenting or liking. I Know it sucks but you may want to consider the rules and operate as directed by Instagram.

So guys if you have any questions please leave a comment below and also please share this article with a friend online as it would be greatly appreciated.

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5 thoughts on “Get Unblocked from commenting and liking people’s posts on Instagram

  • Mpr

    The “undo what you did that got you blocked” is absolutely wrong. Instagram has a limit for follows+unfollows: if you follow more than 60 new accounts in one hour you will be follow-blocked, if you *unfollow* 60+ in one hour you will be follow-blocked as well, same goes for 30follows+30unfollows. So, if you go and unfollow the 60 you had followed too quickly and gotten blocked for, you will be able to do it, but the ban will be prolonged and you are at an even greater risk of your account being severely limited for days or weeks.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      As mentioned do nothing all at once or in bulk even unliking as a automated system is doing the flagging and it will consider anything in mass along with other behaviors as being spammy.