Tech Gadget Deals for the Month of September

So I would like to start a tradition here by compiling a list of Cool Tech Gadgets that I come across during each month. I will only list very interesting Technology Gadgets and try to find Good deals that offer you great bang for your buck. The idea will be to highlight Great technology that serves a purposed and may help you in solving specific problems in your daily life.

These will all be high quality products only and should have great customer feedback. So with that being said below is the best items I came across this moth that really impressed me. You can check out any item you see and If you have any suggestions please leave them below in the comments.

Tech Gadget Deals

Tech Gadget Deals for the Month September

1.Seneo QI Wireless Charger

This is an excellent product with great ratings. It can charge all the major brands of Smartphones and it does not choose sides with its Wireless Qi charging. I love this Wireless charger as it charges both Samsung and Apple devices such. These devices includes the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 8 and iPhone X as well.

2.EIVOTOR 18” USB Powered Mini Soundbar Speaker

This is a great Mini Sound bar that supports desktop computers, Laptops and much more. The best part other than how well it works is the very good price you will get it for. Other Sound bars and speaker sets cost way more and this does what they do at a fraction of the size and cost.

3. TCL 55S405 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

The size and price of this TCL Smart 4K HD Television set is ridiculous. Its one of the best Television deals that I have seen in a long while. Also get this on top of all the features this set has HDR or High Dynamic Range for the most lifelike picture you will ever see on any TV set. Also go ahead and look at other 4K HDR TV sets and see if they don’t cost at least 3x or 4x the price of this one.

4.Cell Phone Stand

Every Smartphone needs a good stand and lucky for you I have the perfect one for your desk. It can hold any Android smartphone, Apple device or even a Switch. It can hold your phone while you use it or while it charges, the possibilities are endless.

5.Silverhill Tools ATKSPR Smart Phone Repair Kit

Even if you don’t repair Smartphones it always great to have one of these cool tool sets lying around the house as they can be used to fix other stuff in a pinch. You also may never know when you may have an old broken phone lying around and with nothing to lose you can watch a few YouTube tutorials and fix it.

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