iPhone X Black Screen or Frozen Screen Fix

Today’s article will be focusing on the iPhone X and those that are experiencing Black screen or Frozen screen issues and what they can do to actually fix the problem and get their devices functional or working once more. So if you are experiencing either a Frozen or Black screen iPhone X be sure to apply the tips below to fix the problem.

Whats happening to my device?

Black screen issues and device becoming frozen can be as a result of bugs in the phones OS or within the iOS update itself.Over time with updates and future OS upgrades the device tends to become more stable. Other conflicts withing the device itself may also result in these issues as well.

How to Fix iPhone X Black Screen or Frozen Screen Problems

iPhone X Black Screen or Frozen Screen Fix

Once you are experiencing a Black screen or Frozen screen issue on your iPhone X then try the following fix:

1.Connect your iPhone X to your computer and then launch iTunes.

2.Now press both the Sleep or Wake button along with the Home button for 10 seconds, don’t let go at the apple logo but at the recovery mode screen.

3.You should see an option to restore or update on iTunes, go ahead and choose update. Don’t worry iTunes will attempt to reinstall the operating system without you loosing any data. Allow it to do its thing.


Mainly for Frozen devices bring your device to the power off menu by pressing power and volume down or how you normally do it and instead of powering off cancel. Finally if that fails try to Press and quickly release the Volume Up button then volume down and then press and hold the power until you see the Apple logo.

Troubleshooting Black Screen Tips:

1.Force reboot or restart your iPhone. Press and quickly release the Volume Up button,then volume down and then press and hold the power until you see the Apple logo.

2.Adjust or change the Display Zoom on your device. If its set to standard adjust it to zoomed and if on Zoomed set it to standard.

3.Enable Siri if disabled by going to settings, Siri.

4.Disable Auto brightness: settings,General,Accessibility then Display Accommodations and disable auto brightness.

5.Uninstall any troublesome apps or those you may be having issues with. You can always reinstall them later.

Final Thoughts

The above tips should be able to help you in fixing most issues you will face with iPhone X Black Screen or Frozen Screen issues. I do hope you found this tutorial useful and if so please take the time to leave a comment and share. Also do check out our articles as we have plenty to share with you.

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