SETmell Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm and Doorbell Review

So I decided I needed a way to tell when someone was at the front gate. You see the gate is a little distance from the House and someone could easily be there and no one would know.

Also for security reason a intruder or snooper could easily scope the place out and you would not know about it. Seeing this I decided i needed a sensor that could detect movement in a area and notify me. Low and behold I got the SETmell Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm and Doorbell.

Inside the Box

The product comes in a simple plain box. Inside the one I bought which I have linked below I got: Two (2) motion detecting Sensors, The receiver, Getting started Quick user guide and a Adapter.

Getting everything setup was easy as its as simple as pluging in the receiver and turn on the unit. The Sensors will need a 9 Volt battery which you will have to buy separately.

How well does the Product Perform?

SETmell Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm and Doorbell
SETmell Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm and Doorbell

So far so good with this product. Once everything was setup and powered the sensor was able to detect motion easily. It recommended that the sensor be installed at least 1 Meter off the ground or 3.2 feet. The sensor extends 9 meters outwards to detect motion.

What I love about the sensor is that it will work day or night. You can also find creative uses such as installing it on a gate to detect persons approaching. It can also be used to monitor your car so as to indicate if its been moved. In the Hall way of a apartment and other creative means.

This is great as you will be notified of movement and this is a big advantage for security. The sensor also has a incredible range  and can send a signal to the receiver 120 meter from the sensor, trust me I have tested the range. Also the sensor can be installed outside and has a IP44 rating. The receiver can be adjusted between high and low for convenience with the high producing about 92db Alarm.

The only major two faults I have found so far is that the receiver has only one ring notification. You will also find that if you have multiple sensors the receiver does not indicate which one was activated.

Video Unboxing and Review

Watch the video below to see the product in action.

Click Play to see Video. 


I love the SETmell Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm and Doorbell. I like that the product has incredible range which really allows flexibility with Install. Also its dead easy to setup and operate. I love it so far and only time will tell if this product will last. I will update my review as we go along and as I get to know the product better you can ask any question you like below and also check out this cool motion sensing lights that would go well with this product.  


December 27,2018 :I now know the product intimately as it relates to its performance and I have tweaked it a bit in terms of my placement. First the waterproof performance is really good and since having them installed on the main driveway to my property. They have survived several intense rainy sessions and come out unscathed so I can testify that they are waterproof.

You wont be able to find a better budget motion detector than this one here. Another thing I have realized is that while the device does not need line of sight it would be smart to install it with little to no obstacles in the way to block the signal. In my case I had it behind a solid concrete wall and at a very long distance of about 100 feet away where the sensors. So I found that if I placed it at the window facing the direct position of the sensors it went from OK to really good.

At the end of every day I make sure to at least power cycle the device by unplugging the main receiver and leaving it for a minute unplugged to make sure its always fresh and ready to detect a signal when reconnected. By doing all this I find that when it goes off you can bet your top dollar that a car or person has tripped it-no false alarms so far. The closer a person comes to the sensor the better.

I find that the wind is not an issue and the only time it missed an alarm is when a person or car is too far away. Otherwise I am very pleased with the performance. Also another tip I would give is that you cover the name of the device so no one can easily identify what it is or research it on the internet easily. I recommend that you pair this device with motion sensing flood lights as it a great way to boost security around the house.

The Good:

1.Incredible range of 120 Feet.

2.Receiver can be battery operated or Plugged in.

3.Sensors have good range and sensitive to movement.

The Bad

1.You cant change the receiver ring you are stuck with the one sound.

2.You cant tell which sensor is tripped if you have two of them.

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