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Today’s fix is involved with a Windows 10 Laptop that was stuck on the Login Screen or Login wallpaper. This tends to happen allot to new Laptops as they have built-in batteries and as a result sometimes a Laptop may not boot up properly and end up hanging on the login-screen. So if this situation sounds like you then try the method as shown here to fix the issue on just about any Laptop that’s out there.

So follow us as we look at this Laptop stuck at Login Screen or Login Wallpaper Fix and what you can do.

The Issue:

As mentioned on newer Laptops with built-in batteries the Laptop may boot up and then become stuck on the Login Screen or Login Wallpaper area just before asking for the password. You may also find that when you press the power button seeing you can’t access the options on-screen to power down it simply goes blank and then comes back to the same screen again on hitting power once more,leaving you in an endless loop. On older devices you could have removed the battery from the Laptop but on these newer devices the battery is built-in so that’s not an option.

Video Demonstration:

For your convenience I have created this video to show you the issue and how to deal with it once and for all.

Fix Laptop stuck at Login Screen or Login Wallpaper

1.First thing you should do is turn the Laptop over on the back and look carefully for a reset button. Some manufacturers have started to include one seeing the built-in battery.

2.If there is no reset button then do the universal method that should work on all devices. Press and hold the power button for 30 to 60 seconds and you should find that the Laptop is completely powered down. Next press power again for about 6-10 seconds to power up the Laptop. This time the device should power up fully and login without issues.

3.As mentioned above if you have an older device or one with a removable battery in these cases simply go ahead and remove the battery and put it back in which should restart the device and solve the problem.


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