A-Zone LED Solar Motion Sensor Lamp Review

The A-Zone LED Solar Motion Sensor Lamp is a great combination of Home security and utilizing the power of the Sun to bring you light at night. Today’s review will be of this unique product and all it has to offer you the consumer.

I want to personally thank the Guys over at A-Zone for sending this product our way for review. I will do my best to give this a precise and accurate review as possible to help you in making a informed choice.

What you Get?

You do get a fairly simple packaging which includes the LED Solar Motion Sensor Lamp, mounting screws and Instruction booklet.

The First thing you will notice right away about the A-zone LED Solar Motion Sensor Lamp is that it resembles a Security Camera. But make no mistake this is a light and nothing else. That does take some time to get accustomed to though but not an issue.

The Product features:

This product features:

  • IP66 Waterproofing.
  • Replaceable Lithium Battery that’s explosion proof.
  • Lighting in Weak Mode can run for 40 hours.
  • Its rechargeable by sunlight.
  • Easy Installation.

I personally love that it motion sensor is really sensitive and accurate at detecting motion.

Video Unboxing and Review

Watch my video below to see a detailed unboxing, test and review of this product from it removal from the box to installing and testing it out for myself.

Tests were carried out over a week of removing it from the box and installing. Followed by testing it at night to see how it would behave at detecting motion and the quality of light produced.

Click play to see Video

The Product

I must say that A-Zone LED Solar Motion Sensor Lamp is a unique product in itself. Every time I ask a friend to identify what this product is from picture they guess wrong and say Security Camera.

This within itself is not a bad thing and part of the appeal of this product in my opinion. It does take a very long two days for the initial charge but the it was well worth it in my opinion.

The Light produce from this Solar LED Lamp or security light ranges from low in normal mode to about medium intensity when motion is detected. The lights will stay on if the person that triggers it stays in the area.

Install is easy and all you need to do is punch a hole insert the plastic holders and screw the camera up. No need to route wires as this is solar and can operate by themselves as long as they are placed so they can absorb sunlight. The manufacturer was also nice enough to detailed what conditions you should not install this device under which really saved allot of time and issues .

My Experience

I was easy able to trigger the lights but you will need someone to help with the calibration initially or it will take extra time to adjust and keep testing. The detection radius is good.

The lights also produce good light at bright. Not super bright but bright enough at night to light up a reasonable area. The basic light setting comes on once it dark and you will notice the lights right away.

If you live in a reasonably sunny area the light can charge easily per day. Seeing they only activate on motion you will save allot of power as the lights are only called on to be bright every now and again.

The solar panel is also adjustable so you can adjust to optimally absorb sunlight from your surroundings. To best see what this product is like be sure to watch my video above that goes into detail on this product.


Should you buy this product? well it depends on What you are looking for. If you need something that’s energy efficient and that will protect your home by adding a extra layer of security that does not cost a arm and a leg then you will definitely need this.

If you have a power outage this still works as it entirely solar which is something that can really be used as a fail safe for your home security system in that when you main lights go out these can still function fine.

This product is also low maintenance as you install and forget except for the occasional time when you may need to clean the solar panel for optimum absorption of light which should not be too often.

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Where to buy this product?

You can buy this product below from the product listing as seen or you can simply check the product out as its your choice.

Why buy this Product?

1.Its solar Powered so need to be plugged it at all to house power.

2.Easy to Install.

3.Water and weather resistant which is great for outdoor use.

4.Has a built in replaceable battery.

5.Lights up on bright only when needed.

6.Affordable Price.

7.Works even in power outage

Why Skip this Product

1.Light is not super bright and covers only a reasonable space. The light beam is medium intensity in my view.

So I hope this review has shed enough light on this product so you can make your own decision. If you have any question on something I have missed you can ask in the comments and I will add it to this article right away.

Thanks again for reading this review on this LED Solar Security Lights from A-zone.

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