Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge moisture in charger port warning Fix 20

If you have owned your Samsung Galaxy S7 for some time now you may have or you are currently encountering the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge moisture in charger port warning problem. The problem is not with the warning but in some cases some users are unable to get rid of the message and once you have the notification your phone will not charge until the problem is fixed.So you see how this can be a problem although this feature is for your own safety. Regardless let me show you how to fix the issue when the message persists and wont go away.

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge moisture in charger port warning

The warning reads as follows:

Check Port Moisture has been detected.To charge your device make sure your charger/USB port is dry.

Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge moisture in charger port warning

What does the error mean?

As the error reads the phone has disabled charging for your safety as it has detected moisture in the charge port . The phone will not charge as long as the USB charge port is wet or contains moisture and you will need to fix the problem before the phone can charge again.If you plug-in a charger the message will appear again and the phone will not charge.

How to fix the Issue?

The first thing you will need to do is to do as the message advises. You should dry or blow dry the charge port of your phone,moisture may have entered the port from sweaty palms, blowing into the port or it was submerged in water, rain or it simply got wet somehow. Also check your USB charger to make sure it’s not wet. Try the follow:

1.Get a Q-Tip or piece of cotton and dry your USB charge port out. You can also use a blow dryer or heat gun set at low temperatures to dry away any residual moisture.The same can also be done to your USB charger cable in case its wet.

2.If the message persists even after all the moisture is removed do the following. Go to settings, applications,Application manager. In the upper right of the screen click the more button and show system Apps.

Next scroll through the apps list and look for: USB settings and tap on it. Now go to storage and click on the option that says clear cache and also clear data.

When you are finished go ahead and plug-in your phone. This time you will not get the message and your phone will charge as normal.


I want to thank Barrie for discovering this workaround that I am sure will help out a few of you guys. So if your device is still giving the warning no matter what you do then get a Wireless charger or Wireless charging base and place your device on it. It should charge just fine from now on. You will be able to use your device again and probably eventually figure out whats going on.

Problem still not fixed? read the following article that was written for another device but still applies to this one. The tips found there should help you fix your problem.

Final Thoughts

Guys make sure your phone is dry before attempting the tips above. The last thing you want is to clear the warning message and charge your phone while its wet as it can cause damage to the device or you so be careful. As usual guys I need your input so share your experience below or ask a question. Also do remember to share this article with a friend on social media.


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20 thoughts on “Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge moisture in charger port warning Fix

  • Mohammad Rasheed

    I found your advice most helpful. It has given me the peace of mind that if my device is being stupid I can fix it. But also the ability to be responsible and dry my device first just in case. Keep the good work going brother for good deeds are always rewarded by goodness. Take care.
    Mohammad Rasheed

  • Haszan Baleegh

    I dropped my phone in the water for 2 seconds before pulling it out yesterday. It charged fine all day yesterday. This morning it started giving this error. I let it sit in rice did hours that didn’t help. Then I used a hair dryer which helped a little bit the error kept coming back. This cache clear setting has solved the issue for me. Thanks so much!!!

  • Terry Brown

    Hi Ricardo, I am having the problem you describe. Charging port is dry and clean, usb plug on the cable is dry and clean. As at 22nd May 2017 with the latest updates I just cannot find the USB settings or the clear cache or clear data options on my S7.
    Hopefully you will be able to check if the phone updates have altered things and that is the reason I can’t find those options.
    Hoping to hear your thoughts. Maybe the phones in Australia are set up differently? Cheers and best regards, Terry (Australia)

  • John

    This procedure really works!
    Tks for sharing.
    My galaxy S7 was never exposed to water and shows this error.
    Seens to be a software bug.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      It might have been moisture from something simple as your hands or so on. Its true though it can get really sensitive but ultimately it can come in useful in cases where the port is really wet as a warning that could save your phone.

  • Saleehab

    Heyy, I used my S7 edge under water for a couple of minutes yesterday in the afternoon. After which I charged it in the evening and this morning it charged fine, but now I’m getting the moisture in the port error. I tried clearing data but it didn’t help and I’m unable to clear cache since it’s at 0 already. Would you know any other way to fix this? Thanks!

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      There is either moisture in the port for real or the message is lingering you need to find out which. If its moisure dry it totally, for the lingering message that wont go away you will need to clear or refresh the device some how.

  • Lisa Martinez

    To my knowledge, my phone never got wet and the sim card showed there was no water damage. However, I kept getting this error. I tried every “fix” I could find . . . shop vac, blow dryer, q-tip, rice .. over the course of 3 days and nothing worked. Found this gem (with clearing cache) and BAM! Whew! Thank you!!!

  • Brian

    My phone barely got wet, in my pocket, from a splash at the beach. I had done everything up to clearing the cache, before I read this article. However, the issue came back shortly after I plugged my phone into my PC to charge while at work. Have you seen this happen before and do you have any other suggestions in regards to clearing up the issue for me Ricardo.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I suggested everything I know. also it does not matter how much moisture as even sweaty palms may also cause moisture to get into the port. Also which method of cache clearing did you use? you can try booting into recovery and clearing the master cache from there. If that fails still you may have to take it in to a Shop or Backup and do a hard reset as it seems the phone is mistaken and all the moisture is removed. Best of luck.

      • Terry Brown

        When I had the moisture message and not being able to charge phone I followed lots of different advice and thought I had solved problem. Unfortunately the problem was still there intermittently, luckily I noticed things changed if cable moved a bit. New cable fixed problem permanently, maybe you have tried new/different cable, if not it’s worth a try. Hope you eventually sort it out. Cheers.