Fix RAM problems,lag on your slow and lagging Android device

Today we will be looking to Fix RAM problems,lag on your slow and lagging Android device.So if you have issues where you are not doing anything on your phone and about 60-70% plus of your RAM is being used for no reason. Especially in cases where this is severely degrading the performance of your phone and causing it to freezing up and lag excessively.This tutorial will show you how to track down the problem such as Apps that have a memory leak and is causing excessive system resource usage and how to stop them which in most cases will fix your problem.

Please Note!

Newer devices have lots of RAM and as such Android or newer Samsung Galaxy devices tend to load Apps that it figures you will need into memory so as to have them ready as soon as you need them. These apps don’t close even after you reboot your phone, especially those running in the background. This is part of your operating system and is meant to use up the ever increasing RAM of modern smartphones have wisely. So do note if your phone is not lagging or slowing down you may not have an issue and some cases of high RAM usage may be normal.

What you will Need?

1.The affected phone with excessive Memory usage.

2. Root Access or your phone should be rooted (For best results).

3.Download RAM Cleanup.

4.Download System app remover (ROOT).

Fix RAM problems,lag on your slow and lagging Android device

How to Fix RAM Problems or Lag on Android?

1.First you will need to find out which App is hogging all your RAM. To do this on older devices go to settings-Applications-Applicatopn manger-and go over to running Apps.

On newer devices go to settings-Memory-Memory used by apps. From here you should see whats using your device memory the most, look out for system Apps and Installed Apps.

2. Once you identify which App or system Apps is causing the problem you can download System App remover (Root) above #4 above under what you will need. Your device will need to be rooted if it’s not rooted as yet.

Once the app is installed and given root access you can actually go ahead and search for the App that’s causing the problem or the system App, remember to be careful when removing system apps so as not to uninstall something critical that may damage your phone.

3.For general RAM monitoring and one click RAM cleaning of background processes that’s hogging your RAM you can install #3 from above in the what you will need section called RAM Cleaner.This is great for generally keeping your device running smooth.Simply install it and run it every now and then.

4.Ultimately though if the above does not help sometimes you will but only as a last resort consider backing up your device and doing a Hard reset or even in more severe cases flashing a new ROM on your device if necessary.This can fix stubborn apps or corrupted System apps that may be causing issues.

Final Thoughts

In my experience if you have abnormal RAM usage that’s affecting the functioning of your phone the issue is usually an App on your phone that’s causing the problem. If you follow the above instruction you should be more than able to fix the issue.So please leave a comment below and do remember to share this article on social media.




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