ETTG Compact Mini Dehumidifier Review

I recently got the ETTG Compact Mini Dehumidifier out of a great necessity and I am glad I did as it has proven to be better than I ever thought it would be. This is my review of said dehumidifier so you can make up your mind whether this is the correct product to suit your needs.

Why a Dehumidifier?

Well as you know this is a tech blog and all we do is related to technology. I recently moved into a new apartment and encountered something that I have never face before and that was Humidity. At night the walls of the apartment would start to sweat and in some rooms it was so bad that the walls would have moisture run down them. This was not good for my health and worse of all for the life of my computer and other electronics.

As you may know Electronics do not do well in wet environments and excess Humidity can cause your Gadgets to die prematurely and that can cost money. With this being the case I decided to get a dehumidifier to combat the problem so I could have a piece of mind and enjoy the apartment.

ETTG Compact Mini Dehumidifier

The ETTG Compact Mini Dehumidifier

The ETTG Compact Mini Dehumidifier is very small and portable, it uses a Voltage of 5V and power of 8 W. It weights 0.8 KG and has a water tank capacity of 300 ML and will pull approximately 100 ML of water from the Air per day which means the tank should take about 3 days of continuous usage before becoming full. I also love how quiet it is as it produces little sound and can only be heard when you are close bye otherwise it gets downed out in the background.

ETTG Compact Mini Dehumidifier

Very Low noise Levels

Video Review:

Watch the video below.

How well does it work?

In my case the ETTG Compact Mini Dehumidifier works pretty well, its best for small room and can work for a room of about 150-200 square feet. It’s best to be smart when using this dehumidifier as while its small it wont magically dry out an entire house like a larger unit but if used wisely it can go a long way. First I noticed that the quality of the Air in the apartment became significantly better after I started to use it. No musty odors or mold growth.

The apartment also became much more comfortable and would no longer feel wet. What I do is to make sure that in the days I open all the Windows especially in the worst rooms as I found they had poor Air circulation. Next I made sure they were always open in the day and while at home to the Max and then as the rain would fall or at night I would close them. Then it was time for the dehumidifier. I would run the dehumidifier for 6-12 hours in the affected rooms moving it from point to point and left it running when I left the house and the windows were closed.

As a result of the above actions the walls would stop dripping and clothing and so on were not damp, it even reduced condensation on Windows which was very nice.It also a good idea that you do not stay in the same room as this and other similar dehumidifiers when they are working for safety reasons as they do pull moisture in the environment towards it so bear that in mind.

Electronics and this dehumidifier:

ETTG Compact Mini Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier is so cool as it can actually be plugged in directly into the wall or you can run it from a Battery bank making it very portable and energy-efficient. I no longer wake up to moisture on my monitors and computer. This was really annoying before As it can damage them prematurely and not to mention furniture and other house appliances .I would advise anyone to get this ETTG Compact Mini Dehumidifier for general purpose usage and to make sure that humidity does not affect your electronics.

Why buy this Dehumidifier?

1. Very affordable.

2.Compact and portable.

3.Low noise.

4.Dry the Air , improves Air Quality and controls mold growth.

5.Auto shut-off when tank is full.

Why you may skip this:

Like all these dehumidifiers on the market it recommended you do not stay in the room when they are being used.This is hardly a con as in reality this is a result of the way these devices work by pulling moisture towards them which they all do.

Where to Buy:

You can purchase yours below.


I really love the ETTG Compact Mini Dehumidifier as it works very well especially when you are smart in the way you deploy and use it. It’s always great when you see a product and it works as advertised I would use no other dehumidifier on the market as this one is very affordably and once its full it shuts off .The tray at the base is easy to remove, unplug the stop cover, empty the container and place it back in fully, after this its good to go once more. Give this product a try and you will not be sorry about it one bit.

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