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Robot Puppy

Best Robot Puppy for Kids

Every kid dreams of having a pet, but as parents we have to be more realistic as we know we will have to clean up after such pets in the long run. What if there was a better way? well actually there is.The answer is a Robot Puppy which does not need to sleep,be fed […]

Best Cheap Drones for the Money

Best Cheap Drones for the Money

It seems that drones are everywhere today and with good reason. They have become very cheap and effective in what they do. You can use them for a variety of purposes such as Fun, areal surveys, capturing action shots from unique angles and much more. Just a few years ago things like this was not […]

Top 3D Printers deals and more

This is so exciting that I just have to share these crazy deals with everyone I know. Gear Best that’s know for great deals especially in Tech Gadgets has lost their minds and is having an insane promotion. This promotion is called their:11.11 big promotion. It’s so catchy but what really will peak your interest […]

Top 3D printers deals

Best Lego Toys for Kids

Best Lego Toys for Kids

There is just something magical about Legos they are some of the best toys on the market for kids today. They promote creativity and kids can create just about anything that they can imagine. This is great for a developing mind as they can express themselves by building what they want to. In today’s article […]

Early Black Friday Deals 2016

Can you believe it it’s already another year and Black Friday 2016 is just around the corner. As usual Amazon is jumping in early on the festivities and offering some really great deals in a variety of categories. I am always looking up new deals from Amazon as you never know when an item you […]

Early Black Friday Deals

Best Tech Christmas Gifts

It’s the season for gift giving and who does not like getting gifts. Well surly not me, so with that being said we would like to look at some Tech Christmas Gifts that sure to get the Techy in your life smiling this Holiday. The choices we have come up with include things that make […]

Tech Christmas Gifts