X-Dragon USB Meter Review 1

This will be my review of the X-Dragon USB Meter. This product is also know as a Digital Multimeter or USB detector. Whatever you call it its a very cool gadget to own that has so many applications and is very useful. The price is very good too and if you get one you can […]

X-Dragon USB Meter

X-Dragon Solar Charger Review

X-Dragon Solar Charger for Laptops, Smartphones and more

Today’s review will be of the X-Dragon Solar Charger. Thank the X-Dragon team for sending this one in for review. Its really refreshing to see innovative new Gadgets that outside the realm of what we are accustomed to in gadgets. The X-Dragon Solar Charger tick all the right boxes and is one of the most […]

ChoeTech Wireless Speaker with Wireless Charging Review

ChoeTech Wireless Speaker with Wireless Charging Review

Here are two features you would never think would be in a single product. Well when you think about it the Integration of Wireless Charging and Wireless Speakers makes perfect sense right. Well ChoeTech was innovative enough to merge the two into what they are calling the ChoeTech Wireless Speaker with Wireless Charger. Well this […]