Fix My PC:The Dumbest Tech Fixes

When you have been around tech as long as I have you tend to see S#$t, excuse the french but its the honest truth, technology has a mind of its own and when you are known as the resident Fix My PC guy you better close the door to your apartment and hide beneath the bed as you will be repairing everyone’s tech from your Grandmas toaster to a simple flicker in a person’s computer monitor.

If you have had this great calling thrown upon you then I am sure you can relate (lol) but to the point at hand, have you ever received a device to repair and the solution to fixing the issue was so stupid and strange that you were embarrassed to even tell the owner what you did?

Well this happens to me allot so much so that I decided to make a list of my top Dumbest Fixes that actually work, I am talking about some strange rituals that will fix your tech and leave you embarrassed when things start working again. But simply do as I do when someone ask what was wrong with it: simply smile and say you don’t want to Know.

fix my pc

Fix My PC common problems and their fix

Dumb and Simple Tech Fixes


#1: Your Laptop will not power on no matter how many times you press the power button, it just sits there in a powerless state.

Dumb Solution: Remove the battery, for kicks hold down the power Button for 30 seconds and replace the battery and power up the Laptop again. It will power right up. As a variation you can even leave the battery out and try powering it from the wall outlet. Worst case scenario you might need a new battery.


#2: Constant beeping and the display of your laptop is blank, the device powers up but nothing on screen.

Dumb Solution: Flip the laptop over Pray it has an easy access hatch for the RAM and open it, remove both RAM sticks and Blow into the slot. Place one stick back in if there are two and try to boot with each individual stick of RAM if it boots with both you can celebrate if only one boots you have a defective RAM stick and its needs replacing.

#3: Your send a file to your printer to print and you wait in anticipation but nothing happens the printer refuses to print the file and strangely it was just printing a few minutes ago, what to do?

Dumb Solution: You may want to sit down for this one, all you have to do is simply save your work and restart the printer and restart the computer chances are before you even reach the login as the PC restarts the printer will start printing, if it does not login and print the file again.

#4: You start your computer and there are some strange text on screen with a black background. I cannot access my PC.

Dumb Solution: Hit F1 to boot or simply read the on-screen notification which is asking you to hit a specific button e.g. ESC,F1 or F2. Sometimes the PC has detected changes that it need to inform you about or it’s simply doing a simple disc check because of a sudden power loss.

#5: A program locks up and you cannot exit it or its locks up the entire computer rendering it unusable.

Dumb Solution: First Hold the ALT button and F4 key which will attempt to close the currently open application and force close if asked. If that fails then bring in the big guns: Hold Ctrl and Alt and Delete and then select Task manager look for the program that causing issues and click on it and end task and you are home free.

#6: Your Desktop PC will not power up, it was working just recently what could be the matter?

Dumb Solution: Replace the power chord to the power supply, try powering it up again if that fails then don’t be sad check to see if the button on the power supply is on: it should be towards the straight line and not the circle.

#7: Your Desktop powers up and lights up but nothing on screen, you often have to repeatedly power it up and down before it comes on.

Dumb Solution: Remove all the RAM and dust the slots out replace and try booting up at least three times consecutively. If you fail remove all sticks of RAM and try booting one at a time, the one that’s giving issues will not boot or boot unreliably and needs replacing.

#8: Windows Desktop boots up and after the windows logo your screen goes blank.

Dumb Solution: If you have a video card installed remove it and dust the slots clean, I am sure that you are seeing a pattern here with dust its your electronics worst friend. If this fails check out this article for tips and solutions to fixing your issue.


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Would you believe that people take their PC to the resident technician or repair shop for some simple issues that can be repaired in a few minutes with a little know how, so in the future should these popular problems arise you can Fix your PC by yourself without bugging the technician friend that you have or taking it to a repair shop where they will charge you any way for wasting their time. So if you have any PC based issue that is not discussed above feel free to ask any question in relation to fixing your PC in the comments and we will help you to solve your issues.


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