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We had a few break-ins recently and as a result the techy in me went into overdrive. As a result I end up buying a bunch of security gadgets to improve my Homes security which included Security Lights, A 1080P Security Camera which was a really good deal by the way, Motion Sensor for the Gate and driveway and finally the focus of this review the Fortress S03 WiFi Security System.

In case you don’t know the Fortress S03 WiFi Security System is a great option for Homes and small business that want to boost their security.

What do you get with this system?

Inside the packaging is a whole bunch of items that include a The main Control Panel, Motion sensors, Door and Window Sensors,RFID key tags, Control remote, Panic button and manuals for both the app and security system.

Why read whats included when you can watch my unboxing video below.

Fortress S03 WiFi Security System

Fortress S03 WiFi Security System
Protect your Home 24/7

So to describe the Fortress S03 WiFi Security System in a short summary I would say its a all in one flexible Home and small business security solution that comes with everything you need out the box and best of all the main units are wireless and you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription.

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All the parts of the system can seem overwhelming at first but as soon as you start getting into things you will quickly find that its not so difficult. To make this review more manageable I will review each individual part of the system differently:

Door and Window Sensors

I love that the Fortress S03 WiFi Security System door and window sensors are wireless and they have a great range. They will even work in houses with solid concrete walls. The sensors seems to have two parts first a smaller magnetic portion and the main larger box that senses when the other portion is moved too far away from it. This is used to indicate when a door or window is opened. You will notice a red LED when the sensors are separated or joined indicating a signal was sent to the main panel.

The sensors are held in place by sticky tape which gives a very solid hold on most surfaces but be sure to clean the surface before applying. Sensors like all other units in the set use 23A batteries to power them.

Motion Sensors

The motion sensors of the Fortress S03 WiFi Security System are really neat and look like fine polished egg shaped stones. They are easily installed and screwed into place and have a pivoting 360 based that allows for a full range of movement to adjust the sensors at the perfect angle.

I love the design but the on/off switch is beneath the mounting mounting base and not easy to get to in cases where you may want to disable the sensor to save battery. I can see why they placed it in a hard to get to area as it clearly for security reasons but they could have creatively hidden it instead.

RFID Key Chain and Keychain Remote

Fortress S03 WiFi Security System
One of Each Accessory that comes with the system

The system comes with a variety of control methods. I love that the RFID Tag or key chain allows you to disarm the system or alarm easily. The Remote is even better as it allows for arming disarming and other options of the panel.

The SOS button is another favorite as you can keep it in a easy to access area so in case of an emergency you can press it and have the system alarm. I can tell that the developers really thought out all the features and accessories.

The Main Panel

The main panel is the real fun section of this system. It can be armed and if any of the sensors were to be tripped it would start alarming. If you have the main siren on the outside both it and the control pad on the inside will start to alarm. This works great as the sound is on the inside and outside of the building.

Video Review Click Play

The Home mode is great for night time when you are at home as it disables the motion sensors but allow the window and door sensors to remain armed. I also love that the panel has a tamper switch when installed in case someone tries to remove it from the wall and a internal battery in case of power failure.

Also all the sensors and features work flawlessly and this system does not drop a single detection.Install is not difficult and you can do the install yourself, the hardest part to install would be the motion sensors, siren which should be in a hard to get to area and main panel. Also by hard I simply mean you need a power drill to install screws or to bore holes in concrete to place plastic holders into the wall and then screws.

The App

The app for the Home security system is a must have. It does a really great job as it Emails you once a sensor is activated or tripped, it also notifies you each time the panel is armed or disarmed, power is turned off and so on. This is one of the best features as if something is happening while you are not at home you will be notified no questions asked.

You do need Internet access at home for the feature to work though. Also mobile data or WiFi while on the go to check alerts.Also there is a feature that allows the system to call you through the phone line but you will need a dedicated phone line for that. Be sure as soon as you get your system to change the default password and adjust the alarm length as the default is way too short.

Where to Buy:

You can purchase yours in the link below.

Why you should buy:

1.Very solid, well made and thought out security system.

2. Lots of accessories,sensors and features.

3.Reasonable price for a reliable security system.

4.Great App and capability of the system to call out.

5.Responsive and dependable system. Alarm is also really loud.

Why you may skip this:

Well I can hardly find a fault with the system and anything I write for why you should skip it is really knit picking. If I Were to point out a flaw it would be that I wished the on and off switch for the motion detectors where easier to access.


With the Fortress S03 WiFi Security System you can feel the love and attention to detail that the creators have put into it. I love every feature and each situation I come across while installing or thinking what if I find that there is a part of the system that is made just to tackle the issue.If you have a subscription based security system i suggest that you give this a try as you will save so much money in the long term you will be amazed.The system is like having a full time security guard at your house in case of a break-in, coupled with a security camera and a few other gadgets when you are away from home it will be like you never left and you are just in another room having full control. What are you waiting for buy yours today and see for yourself how amazing this product is.

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      Not sure My S03 says on the Box : S03 WiFi Security System. Its safe to say that there might be a difference if there are two versions. You better check the specifications if you are considering buying to make sure the WiFi feature is on the one you are getting.